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Omega replica watches Partners OCEARCH In Its Shark Conversation Efforts

Chris Fischer, OCEARCH Founding Chairman, and Expedition Leader aboard the M/V OCEARCH. The vessel serves as an at-sea laboratory.

The OCEARCH ship has been specially designed to a lange & sohne replica watches capture sharks and tag them with any device that could cause harm.

Revolution: How did this partnership become possible?

Hotier: It was my mission in 2018 to get Ulysse Nadin to help me protect the oceans and sharks. Ulysse Nadin regularly launches timepieces that are inspired by shark species and is heavily involved in their conservation through our partnerships. I had already been following OCEARCH via social media and was impressed by their work. Last year,Omega fake watches I read William McKeever's "Emperors of the Deep". The first chapter of the book begins with OCEARCH’s mission - it is fate. Chris contacted me after I had finished the book.Panerai Luminor Power Reserve Replica We met at a fundraiser dinner that we had organized for One More Wave in Fort Lauderdale. It was trust at the first sight.

Revolution: What was it that Omega replica watches liked about OCEARCH?

Hotier: Omega replica watches's heritage includes the manufacture of navigation instruments for ships. We love to say the sea is our territory. In that spirit we are very involved in sustainability programs that make the world a better place than it was before. We love shark research programs like OCEARCH, which resonates with our brand.

Revolution: Chris, how did OCEARCH begin?

Fischer: The show started with a fishing program on ESPN replica watches It was all about getting everyone out on the ocean, with fishing, free diving and food. We started taking scientists along with us to the ocean when we were doing research. The global shark problem was first discovered by scientists that we were helping in 2007. Shark fin soup was responsible for reducing the number of large sharks in the world to around nine percent. Each year, we were losing between 80 and 100 Million sharks. I responded with a question: "What does that mean for our ocean?" I didn't know. They replied, "If we lose sharks, then we lose the ocean."

Revolution: OCEARCH, a research organization. This was a decisive factor in Omega replica watches's decision to work with them.

Hotier: Yes. OCEARCH is a marine research organization that conducts cutting-edge research and fosters collaboration between educators and scientists. Their research provides valuable information about shark physiology. It is important to understand that sharks are essential for the health of the ocean's ecosystem.Omega replica watches They balance the food chain and provide vital information. Ulysse Nadin believes it is a matter for corporate social responsibility to make the oceans healthier now and in the future.

Fischer: Awareness is everything. How can we make the planet a proud place for our children's grandchildren if we don't have a global understanding of the problems the ocean faces? According to studies, 70 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere, 97 percent our water and food for billions come from the ocean. It was obvious that if the ocean is gone, so is the planet.
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