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Breguet Replica Partners OCEARCH In Its Shark Conversation Efforts

OCEARCH launched its 28th expedition to the Lowcountry - Georgia and South Carolina and North Carolina - where the team sampled and tagged Hilton the mature white shark.

Revolution: FX, have you always had a fascination with sharks?

Hotier: Yes! Cousteau was my favorite artist growing up.a lange & sohne replica watches I was interested in both natural and anthropopic risks while at college. I am well aware of the importance of shark science in bacteriology and developing new medicines. This is a relatively recent field of research that provides a wealth of untapped sources for discovery. We still have so much to learn from sharks. I'm so excited about OCEARCH and the chance to work with them!

Revolution: Was Cousteau an influence for you too, Chris?

Fischer: I was a college graduate and did some self-reflection. Then, I thought about Cousteau. Cousteau's work on the ocean fascinated me as a child. Over the course of my life, my passion for being on the sea has evolved into a love for the ocean. Cousteau's departure from our planet meant that many people had lost their connection with the ocean. There was no group that could bring the world's oceans into everyone's lives on a global scale.

I was young enough and stupid enough to set a noble goal.Breguet fake It was "To pour the oceans of the world into people's lives on a scale unimagined since Cousteau."

Revolution: What is OCEARCH's role in the current crisis of health? What does this have to do with the fights you're already fighting against pollution and endangered sea species? ?

Fischer: As the health of the oceans began to decline, it became clear that the existing system of ocean research was outdated and needed to be changed. This system required researchers Panerai Luminor Marina Replica to compete for grants, which led to little collaboration. Each researcher operated in their own silo, trying to outdo each other and publishing papers to win grants.

These researchers didn't have the resources necessary to carry out their research. They had no boats, access or money, and did not know how to work outside in the water. We now have 30 researchers from 20 institutions working on 20 projects that focus on each great white shark. This has dramatically increased the rate at which we learn,Replica Watches and led to peer-reviewed papers that ultimately have an impact on policy.

Imagine if all the COVID-19 talent around the world worked together to share their learnings, instead of competing for the first to make the answer monetizable. All of us need to realize that there are only two of us. To shape the future of our planet, we must let go of the individual orientations of the past. It will all work out. Good business is good business.

Revolution: Why is it so urgent to partner with non-profit organisations?

Hotier: I believe that luxury brands must be active contributors to their communities. We have been working with the Medal of Honor Society in the USA and the U.S. Navy to create One More Wave,Breguet Replica a non profit that provides surf therapy for disabled veterans. We are proud to support OCEARCH's mission. We are proud to support each organization's different ways of giving back.
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